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Moulin RougexSherlock(Johnlock) - 2
John was dragged along into the Moulin Rouge and couldn’t find words to describe the scene around him. Somewhere in the distance amongst the cat calls and shouts and the songs, he could hear Mycroft Holmes, and he just knew it was him, shouting, “The Moulin Rouge!” John turned in circles, trying to take in everything and keep up with the Greg and the others without losing his top hat.
Mycroft Holmes and his infamous dancers. They called them his "Diamond Dogs."
The man’s jaw dropped as he saw the men and women walk out from behind a set of mirrors, the ladies with their colorful skirts lifted high above their waists and the men poised to seduce, ready to take what they could find. John swallowed, eyes wide, and followed Greg to a table as they began their number. “Voulez vous coucher avec moi? Ce soir? Hey sister, go sister, soul sister, flow sister. Hey sister, go sister, soul sister, flow sister.” John watched Mycroft at the front of
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Moulin RougexSherlock(Johnlock) - 1
There was a boy, a very strange, enchanted boy. They say he wandered very far, very far over land and sea. A little shy and sad of eye but very wise was he... And then one day, one magic day, he passed my way and while we spoke of many things. Fools and kings. This he said to me... 'The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love...and be loved in return.'

John Watson sat against a wall in his small, dark, cluttered room, drowning in the bottle clutched loosely in his hand. His picked his head up from where it lay in his folded arms, leaning it back against the wall. His blue eyes were dark, swallowed by sorrow as he looked around his room. His short blonde hair was tousled and in need of a wash. Moonlight filtered through the filthy curtains and danced across his type writer. The doctor swallowed, eyeing the brightly painted machine.
He squeezed his eyes shut and forced himself to his feet. He stumbled over to the typewriter and sat down in front of it, running a hand
:iconcountrygalxhetalia:CountrygalxHetalia 1 7
pirate!EnglandxReader - Cruisin' 1
I wobbled slighly, grabbing onto the railing around the walkway as a particularly large swell hit the side of the ship. Good thing I took my heels off, I thought as I continued towards the casino. I wasn't much for gambling, but there was a perfect little area across and off to the side that had the perfect place to watch the ocean water slap against the ship. I'd decided to go down there and relax a bit after supper. I was so glad to have been able to change out of my dress and into jeans and a long sleeve shirt.
It was the last night we were going to be on the ship. We were going to be docked tomorrow but we were going to be there later than originally expected. We were headed into some bad weather and it was going to delay us a bit. I walked around the smal tables acoss from the casino and sat down in a vacated window seat.
It was getting almost too dark to see anything at all. The sky was dark gray and stormy and the water was a deep, ominous shade of blue. When the huge wav
:iconcountrygalxhetalia:CountrygalxHetalia 4 0
Pirate!EnglandxReader - Cruisin' (Prologue)
She was gone again this morning. I dont know why, I never do, all I know is that she was there last night and now she is gone. We had battled enemy ships the night before and every single detail of her lovely face has been etched into my memory. Battered and bruised, her lip was bleeding and her hair had been chopped short. I hated seeing all that beautiful hair gone, but it was to save her life so I supposed I could live with it. She was shouting and cheering along with the rest of my crew as we drove them back onto their own vessles. She found me and nearly knocked us both to the floor, kissing me passionately in her excitement.
We stayed up late, drinking in our victory and celebrating like the pirates we are. I eventually bid my crew a very drunken farewell and dragged her and myself back to my cabin. She flopped on my bed and giggled, stretching as she made herself comfortable. I changed quickly and joined her, laying down and pulling her close. She laughed and tittered for a w
:iconcountrygalxhetalia:CountrygalxHetalia 6 0
blind!ReaderxFrancis: Unseen Love - Epilogue
        “Chérie! Je suis à la maison! (I’m home!)” I looked up from my notebook and smiled as Francis walked into the living room. I looked him up and down, never resisting the urge to look at every inch of him. “‘Ello amour,” he said as he walked over to me. I stretched, letting my legs take up more of the couch where I was lounging.
        “Hello dear,” I mumbled, yawning as he sat down beside me. He rested a hand on my slightly swollen stomach and kissed my cheek.
        “Guess who ‘as decided to invite ‘imself over?” he muttered softly, tracing my hairline with his lips. I rolled my eyes and pecked his lips.
        “Alfred? Or was Gil?” I asked with a grin. He chuckled and wrapped and arm around me, pulling me as close as my stomach allowed.
        “Boz,” he murmur
:iconcountrygalxhetalia:CountrygalxHetalia 13 14
blind!ReaderxFrancis Love Unseen 9
        It was… dark. It was just like any other time I’d opened my eyes after the accident. I blinked a couple of times before slumping forward and running my fingers over my temples. I felt a hand rub my back before Mr. Smith spoke up.
        “Give it a moment dear,” he said softly. I took a deep breath and nodded. I kept my eyes open as I turned my head, begging silently for anything to light up. Nothing. I could feel tears bubbling in my eyes and I tried to blink them away. I wanted to just be alone. I felt like I was drowning in the darkness, but there was something that was keeping me afloat. I gasped as I realized that there was a dull fuzziness at the edge of my vision.
        “Cherie?! Are you alright?” Francis asked worriedly, placing a hand on my arm. I nodded, trying to focus on the light that was very slowly making itself present.
        “Do you see
:iconcountrygalxhetalia:CountrygalxHetalia 14 16
Hetalia Couples
Please please pleeeeeease check out this page before you read this!! The gifs were my inspiration!
        Alfred breathed in deeply through his nose as he kissed Arthur. He reached around the blonde and wrapped his arms around his back as the Brit carefully straddled his lap. Arthur sighed and gently cupped either of the American’s jaw, his fingertips ever so slightly brushing against the hair at the nape of his neck. Alfred could feel the Englishman smiling against the kiss and he ran his nails lightly over his back. When they were together it was warm, and loving, and passionate and they just couldn’t get enough of one another.
        “Whoops!” Alfred had leaned just a little too far back and they toppled backwards onto the bed. Alfred’s ocean eyes went wide and Arthur yelped a little as he fell against the taller. Their bare chest
:iconcountrygalxhetalia:CountrygalxHetalia 5 0
blind!ReaderxFrancis: Love Unseen 8
        The next few days were rather quiet. I had Francis’ help filling out the paperwork that his father had had emailed to him. I was also given a small bottle of drops to put in my eyes three times a day until the surgery. They were supposed to help with the scarring so my eyesight would be a little better if the surgery worked.
        All of the boys visited for a little bit each day and I only had two calls from the hospital to let me know he was doing fine and was sure to wake up soon. I visited him the day before my surgery. Everything had been finalized and I was nervous and anxious. Francis had come with me to see him. The guys normally switched out visiting with me, but I just wanted Francis to help me today. I held onto my father’s hand, wishing he would wake up so I could talk to him before I did this.
        “Chérie,” Francis murmured, “are you okay?” I turned my head
:iconcountrygalxhetalia:CountrygalxHetalia 10 16
FrUK: Aristocat 4
Please read the description after!
        Francis, Arthur and the kittens all swayed along with the motion of the small truck as he rumbled along. It drove through the country side and over a small river as Arthur looked around. He spotted a large container in the back and grinned.
        “Anyone for breakfast?” he asked the kittens. They all looked at him, eyes wide and mouths watering.
        “What breakfast?” Alfred asked, hoping onto his hind legs for a moment. “Where is it?” Michelle pushed. Arthur chuckled.
        “Right under that magic carpet,” he told them, gesturing to the covered container, “but now we have to cook up a little spell, you know.” He winked at them. “Ready?” he asked. They nodded and he smiled. “All right. First, to make the magic begin, you wiggle your nose and tickle your chin,” he told
:iconcountrygalxhetalia:CountrygalxHetalia 4 0
SuFin: Dancing
        Tino kissed Peter’s forehead and told him goodnight and watched as Berwald did the same. They waved to him before walking out the door and closing it silently behind them. The small micronation tossed and turned, trying to find a comfortable spot to sleep but failing. He sighed and flopped back into his pillows. Maybe he could go get Berwald and get him to read him a bedtime story. He contemplated the idea of going to get one of his parents, but stopped as he heard a light, soft tune playing outside his door.
        He laid very still against his mattress, listening to the older, traditional Scandinavian music that was making its way underneath the door into his room. He knew his parents were dancing. They always did when they thought that the little boy was asleep. Peter crawled out from under the warm covers and slipped down to the carpeted floor. He grabbed his robe off the back of his door and pulled it on. He stepped out of hi
:iconcountrygalxhetalia:CountrygalxHetalia 9 3
ScotlandxReader: For The First Time
She's all laid up in bed with a broken heart, while I'm drinking jack all alone in my local bar, and we don't know how. How we got into this mad situation, only doing things out of frustration.
Trying to make it work but man these times are hard

        Allistor sighed as he slumped onto his usual bar stool. He ran a hand through his red hair, clenching his fingers before looking up. He nodded to the slim man behind the bar and a dusty bottle was set in front of him. He thanked him and twisted top off with ease. He took a swing of the liquid and savored the burn the alcohol left in his throat. He rested his hand in his cheek and scrunched his nose at the bitter aftertaste.
        “Rough day?” Allistor turned the bottle of Jack in his hand and sighed again. “I’ll take that as yes.” The redhead sent the man a look before dropping his head onto his arm. “Stay as long as you like mate.” The pat on the
:iconcountrygalxhetalia:CountrygalxHetalia 121 27
What is it about me
That is so repulsive?
Am I not pretty enough?
Am I not brilliant enough?
Do my ideas not satisfy your tastes?
Do you think I’m too geeky?
That I spend too much time writing
and squealing over animation rather
than being in the real world?
Why must I long for someone
who I know thinks I’m too immature?
Why must I fawn over the
man who will never love me in return?
I watch as he walks away
not even the slightest inkling
of my feelings in his mind.
I fall to my knees, clutching at
my chest in sorrow and desperation.
Tears drip onto the floor beneath
me and yet he still doesn’t turn around.
Why am I simply nothing to you?
:iconcountrygalxhetalia:CountrygalxHetalia 5 16
Do you know what it’s like?
To yearn to hold someone
too far out of reach?
Do you know what it’s like
to watch longingly as they
Laugh and talk and turn
Away without a second thought?
Have you ever had your
heart throb and burn with
a want so passionate you
can’t just wish it away?
Have you ever looked at
someone with such warm and loving
eyes, only to be dismissed
without them every knowing?
Have you?
Do you?
Why can’t you?
I want you to know. I wish
you could understand how I felt.
I wonder if you’ll ever have
any clue how much you make
my heart ache?
:iconcountrygalxhetalia:CountrygalxHetalia 6 6
USUK: Bathroom Blues
        Alfred hummed happily to himself as he grabbed his books and calculator from his locker. He shoved everything into his backpack and grabbed one last thing out of his locker before closing it and hurrying down the hallway. It was finally the end of the week and he and Arthur were going back to his place to hang out for the weekend.
        “Hey Gil!” the American called to his friend as he passed him, “do you know where Iggy’s at?” Gilbert snorted as they both turned and walked backwards towards the opposite ends of the hallway.
        “Kesese! Eyebrows? I zink he’s in one of ze student council rooms! Had to finish a paper or somezing,” he replied. Alfred grinned and waved in thanks. He noticed his brother walking out of a classroom a little farther down and smirked.
        “Hey Mattie!!” Gilbert’s ruby’s eyes lit up and he tur
:iconcountrygalxhetalia:CountrygalxHetalia 7 7
Boy Troubles
        I stood in the bathroom, washing my hands and checking my reflection in the mirror before I left for class. I reached down to grab my purse when a black and red blur rushed past me. I stumbled and nearly fell over but managed to right myself and looked around bewilderedly. I pulled my purse over my shoulder as I listened to some guys shouting outside the doorway.
        “Damn, he went into the girl’s bathroom again didn’t he?” somebody asked, their voice whiney. I quirked an eyebrow and looked around for the person who’d shot past me as I listened to the boys, judging by their voices, bicker outside. “Nien! I’m not going into ze girl’s bazroom!” “Well, I sure ain’t doin’ it!” I checked each stall carefully and was extremely surprised when I pushed the door to the handicapped bathroom open.
        There was a boy, probably in my grade, cower
:iconcountrygalxhetalia:CountrygalxHetalia 9 3
Hetalia Shipping Meme by CountrygalxHetalia Hetalia Shipping Meme :iconcountrygalxhetalia:CountrygalxHetalia 1 3


Favourite Flavour by julvett
Mature content
Favourite Flavour :iconjulvett:julvett 536 87
Concerned by KicsterAsh Concerned :iconkicsterash:KicsterAsh 768 68
The night walker (Johnlock)
When sleeping, people can have habits, habits of when you eat certain foods, you sleep talk, have nightmares, and even sleep walk. Having them, its completely normal, as any habit would be but, in the Holmes household.
It was weird, disturbing, because they hadn't ever experienced, the normal, the usual. The usual would be murders and loud bumps in the night, showing that sherlock was bored or excited.
So when one of the habits, did happen. None of the husbands, were to know that Mrs Hudson at 4 in the morning, would clean their house whilst asleep.
Sherlock was the one to find her, it was his normal urges waking to noises but when he heard russling and bumps. It made him think they were being burgled as he grabbed his partners gun and went to see.
Instantly he made sure to hide up against a wall as he looked into the room that had noise, immediately when he saw her. He settled as he put the gun inside his dressing gown pocket and walked in.
Immeditly when he walked in, he turn
:iconholster262:holster262 8 3
Howl by Puriita Howl :iconpuriita:Puriita 377 16 Sherlock-John kiss2-oil painting filter by Scifiangel Sherlock-John kiss2-oil painting filter :iconscifiangel:Scifiangel 56 2 APH: Happy Hearts Day by xiaoyugaara APH: Happy Hearts Day :iconxiaoyugaara:xiaoyugaara 422 49 Toothbrush Doujinshi -Part 7- by Keni8149 Toothbrush Doujinshi -Part 7- :iconkeni8149:Keni8149 92 82 Uncertain by Amouranth Uncertain :iconamouranth:Amouranth 1,745 136 Hogsmeade time by viria13 Hogsmeade time :iconviria13:viria13 15,267 505 meow by Biology-of-Pencils meow :iconbiology-of-pencils:Biology-of-Pencils 100 10 Rainy Day by Biology-of-Pencils Rainy Day :iconbiology-of-pencils:Biology-of-Pencils 113 9 Gamzee Yo by Biology-of-Pencils Gamzee Yo :iconbiology-of-pencils:Biology-of-Pencils 82 14 Battle Scars by Biology-of-Pencils
Mature content
Battle Scars :iconbiology-of-pencils:Biology-of-Pencils 38 2
Davesprite by Biology-of-Pencils Davesprite :iconbiology-of-pencils:Biology-of-Pencils 122 14



CountrygalxHetalia's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I am the average abnormal 16 year old and I'm crazy about anything and everythin' art! I love drawing on paper even if I'm not the best at it I am a sap and hopeless romantic and there's nothin' ya'll can do about it :D I enjoy music and try to go through life one step at a time!

Guys, I honestly cannot apologize enough for not bein on here as often as I usually am. Junior year has got me all outta wack with choosing a college and keeping grades up and tryin to spend time with family and maybe finding a boyfriend and everything had just got me goin crazy right now! I so want to be able to just laze about like I used to and type up all my stories and put up hear no prob. I really miss talkin' to everyone and I am goin to do my darnedest to get back into the swing of things.

I'm still writing plenty, I just have not had the time to sit down and type anything up, (and my whole family is having to share my mother's laptop at the moment, so yeah XP) I want ya'll to be able to read everything so I'm tryin' my hardest and I will try to steal the computer as much as possible and just type this weekend. I have no homework, so I'm hopin we don't get busy.

I'm typin up a short somethin inspired by somethin I found on tumblr and I might have done it tonight, so I hope I can have it up. I miss you guys so much!! Please forgive me!!

  • Listening to: We Were Us
  • Reading: fanfic
  • Watching: nothin
  • Playing: nothin
  • Eating: nothin
  • Drinking: somethin


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