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April 7, 2013
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        “Liebe! I’m home,” Ludwig called as he shut the front door behind him. I walked out of the kitchen, wiping my hands on my apron. He grinned and walked over to me. He wrapped him around my waist and kissed me deeply. I giggled against his mouth and wrapped my arms around his neck.
        “Hi,” I breathed, trailing my fingers along his neck. He shivered lightly and his arms tightened around my waist. As he did so, his eyebrows scrunched together slightly and his blue eyes looked at me, confused. “I made wurst,” I said quickly, noticing his expression and pulling away.
        “Schatz (Sweetheart),” the large German mumbled, following me into the kitchen. I looked over my shoulder and saw him looking me up and down. I knew he wasn’t checking me out; he was noticing how skinny I was.
        “Yes dear?” I asked as I set the table. He sighed heavily and came up behind me.
        “Aren’t you going to eat?” inquired, eyeing the single place setting. I shook my head and racked my brain for a quick answer.
        “N-no. Feli came over earlier and insisted he make pasta,” I made up hurriedly. I knew Ludwig could tell something was up, but he let it go.
        “Alvight liebe,” he replied, sitting down at the table. I fixed his plate and walked back to him. I kissed his cheek and set the food down. We talked as he ate. He told me about work, all the paperwork his boss was making him do. I told him about my day; cleaning and cooking supper mostly.
        “So vhat did Feliciano vant?” the tall blonde asked as he set his dished in the sink. My eyes widened and my heart sped up. I hadn’t expected him to ask that.
        “H-he um... he came looking for you but I told him you were at work, like usual. I don’t know why he didn’t go there first,” I stammered quickly. I sounded too nervous. Drat! He grunted quietly and I came up behind him. “I’m gonna go change, m’kay?” I murmured, kissing the back of his neck lightly. I had to stand on my tip toes to reach. He shivered and nodded.
        “Alvight, he said quietly, turning to kiss my forehead. I smiled and hurried to our room. I shut the door and leaned against it heavily. That was close, I thought. I walked to my chest of drawers and pulled out a long sleeved shirt and a pair of shorts. I sighed tiredly as I slipped tiredly out of my jeans and T-shirt.
        I was so ugly. That all there was to say. I didn’t know why Ludwig chose to stay with me. I was overweight and fat and I was trying to lose weight, but I just couldn’t. I glimpsed my reflection in the mirror and felt tears in my eyes. Why couldn’t I be pretty. I wasn’t overweight at all. I was thin and pale. I’d stopped eating about a week ago and it was starting to take its toll.
        I was much thinner than I was supposed to be and I kept having near blackout. It was a good thing Ludwig was at work most of the time. I was just unable to see how sick I really was. I changed into the more comfortable clothes and grabbed a blanket from our bed and trudged back to the living room. Ludwig was sitting on the sofa reading a thick book his older brother had lent him. I sat down on the other end, covered everything but my feet with the blankets and carefully slid the cold appendages into the German’s lap.
        “Liebling?” Ludwig asked looking up from his book. I shrugged, closed my eyes and snuggled into the couch cushions. I heard him shut the heavy book and then I giggled as he ran a finger along the bottom of my foot.
        “Luuud~” I giggled, curling up slightly. He laughed softly, a sound I absolutely adored, and pulled my feet back into his lap. He rubbed the soft skin, making the small ache in the instep of my foot fade. “Mmm, that feels good,” I mumbled, wiggling my toes. He slowly worked his way up along my heels and ankle, he massaged my calves, his large fingers kneading into my skin. I sighed contented and was just about to fall asleep while he started rubbing my knees.
        “I called Feliciano.” I opened my eyes and saw Ludwig watching my feet. “He said he never came over. _______, vhy did you tell me he came over if he didn’t?” I started shaking ever so slightly as he rubbed up around my thigh. I bit my bottom lip as his fingers stopped there ministrations abruptly. I tried opening my mouth, but I caught myself as he ran his hands over my legs. I realized what he was doing and tried pulling my legs away. He held them in place and yanked my blanket off my body. I cringed into the sofa as his baby blue eyes widened ever so slightly. “_______...” he whispered, looking at me. I swallowed and turned my head into a pillow. “_______, vhy are you so skinny?” My mouth quivered slightly, tears stinging my eyes and I tried to sit up.
        “‘Cause,” I muttered, throwing a leg off the couch. He held my shoulder and grabbed my chin and made me look at him.
        “Because vhy liebling?” he questioned, holding my gaze firmly. His blue eyes were hard and determined. I’d seen that look a few times before, but not many. I gulped again and felt the hot tears fall one by one.
        “I… I haven’t…” I choked, knowing he would get the message. He sighed heavily and cupped the side of my face with his large, calloused hand. “I-I… I didn’t… I’m… I’m s-sorry…” I managed, reaching up to wipe my eyes. He pulled me into his lap and rocked me gently.
        “Liebe, vhy do you zink it’s okay to stop eating? You’re obviously not healzy. Vill you tell me, bitte?” he asked, pressing his lips into my hair. I took a shaky breath and clutched at his arm.
        “I’m not p-pretty and I-I’m overweight and ugly,” I told him, burying my face in his chest. He rubbed my trembling back before wrapping his large arms around my malnourish waist; grimacing slightly.
        “Shatz, do you truly believe zat? You are perfection _______. Sie sind reizend und schön, und ich kann mir nicht vorstellen, eine weitere erstaunliche Mädchen in meinem Leben.(You are lovely and beautiful and i can't imagine a more amazing girl in my life) Bitte liebe, tell me next time. Ich liebe dich. You know I do und I love you ze vay you are.” I cried silently into his shirt front, letting his words sink in. as I settled down a little, Ludwig pulled back and looked at me. “I know somezing zat might help,” he said, smiling gently.
        “Hm?” I looked up at him, my eyebrows scrunched together slightly. He hauled me to my feet and walked me to our bedroom. I sat down on our bed as he dug through his bedside table.
        “Gil sent me zis. He said it’s some of ze best German chocolate he’s ever found. It’s somezing sweet and chocolate can cure almost anyzing,” he said, pulling out a prettily wrapped chocolate bar and unwrapping it. “Here,” he said, breaking off a piece and handing it to me. I took it and nibbled on it. I was about to take a bite out of it when a thought struck me.
        “Open up,” I instructed, crawling in front of him and sitting back on my heels, holding the piece of chocolate in front of his mouth. He looked at me with wide, confused eyes for a moment before opening his mouth slightly. I stuck the chocolate in between his teeth and told him to bite down gently. He held the sweet in between his teeth and I grinned. “Much better.” I leaned forward so our noses were touching and I saw his face go red. I chuckled and kissed him, taking the other half of the chocolate into my mouth.
        We sat there for a moment, neither of us moving at the chocolate slowly melted against our lips. Ludwig started moving his lips carefully against my mouth. I grinned and kissed back deeply. We fought over the chocolate a few minutes before Ludwig pushed it into my mouth with his tongue and let it coat the inside of my mouth.
        “You’re vight,” he gasped softly, “much better.” I giggled and wrapped my arms around his neck. “Promise you von’t do it again liebling,” he pleaded softly, kissing my cheek tenderly. I nodded, resting my forehead against his.
        “I promise.” I looked into his blue eyes and smiled at the warmth and love reflected in them. “I love you.”
        “Ich liebe dich auch.”

***Extended Ending***

        I walked out of the kitchen, popping another marshmallow into my mouth. I sat down on the sofa, fidgeting for a moment before standing back up again. I made my way down the hall to Ludwig’s study. I peeked in and saw him leaning back in his chair, rubbing his eyes from underneath his glasses. I snuck in quietly and walked behind him. I gently began massaging his shoulders, making him jump slightly.
        “Oh, liebe. Don’t sneak up on me like zat,” he muttered, setting his glasses on his desk and leaning back farther in his chair. I smiled and kissed his temple.
        “You’re tense honey,” I murmured, kneading my fingers into his broad shoulders. He sighed and rolled his shoulders back, silently asking me to rub under his shoulder blades. I complied, trailing my fingers down his back. “They’re working you too hard. I oughta go down there and talk to them.” The German snorted softly and leaned his head back slightly and I roved back up to his neck and shoulders.
        “Vould you mind? Zat, or maybe you could just come viz me und rub mein shoulders like zis all day,” he mumbled. I chuckled softly as I continued massaging his back. I could feel all the tight, knotted muscles in my boyfriend’s shoulders loosening under my touch. “Liebling,” he whispered, “you have no idea how good zis feels.” I smiled and paused slightly, making a small whining sound leave his throat.
        “You know,” I breathed, blowing ever so slightly on his ear, “I can do a lot more than just rub your shoulders.” I felt him stiffen and I had to stifle a giggle. He turned his chair to face me with an almost challenging look.
        “Is zat vight?” he asked, standing up so he could tower over me. I nodded confidently and jumped up onto his desk, careful not to disturb his papers. I crossed my ankles and swung them innocently.
        “Mhm!” I hummed, watching him stalk closer and then place his large hands on either side of me. “I can relax you entirely, Mr. Beilschmidt.” He laughed and kissed me roughly on the mouth. I followed suit, wrapping my arms tightly around his neck. I slid my knee slowly up his leg, making him groan above me. He wrapped a muscled arm around my back and pressed me flush against his broad chest.
        “I don’t know how velaxing zis is going to be, liebling,” he said breathily. I smirked and running my hand down the front his chest to the waistband of his work pants.
        “It’s only as relaxing as you let it be,” I replied, moving fluidly so I was standing on his desk. I jumped so my legs wrapped around his waist. “C’mon you, you need a break from all that hard work you do.” I could feel his heart pounding as he hurried as fast as he could to our room.
        “You’ve got zat vight,” he muttered, shutting our bedroom door and tossing me onto the bed. I giggled, thinking about what I could do to relax my strong, stoic German.
I'm sorry the ending sucks!! *hides* Alright! I hope ya'll like this, I think I did okay on everything expect for the very end! I hope it's alright!! Enjoy
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Lucijohn Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014  New member
I love this

Sie sind is used in formal occasion when you talk to someone with a higher ranking or a teacher and someone who is older than you
Du bist is used when it's someone close to you like a friend or a lover

That's really just a pet peeve of mine
Marshmallow-Bunnii Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014   Writer
CONGRATULATIONS! :dummy: :iconfreeinternetplz:

You have won the award for the greatest written impression of Germany ever! 
Vulpesvulpes6000 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2014
What kind of chocolate? My mom found this really good nice German chocolate that was orange flavored. Too bad it's hard to find and I haven't seen a crumb of it since. 
lunareclipes294 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014
on amazon you can a thing called Terry's Milk Chocolate Orange ball and it has orange oil in it I think that's similar XD
hetalialover9001 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014
Woman/man, you have no fucking idea how much I adore this ending so shut up. <3
LunaGamerImInPortal Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Student General Artist
  “You’ve got zat vight,” he muttered, shutting our bedroom door and tossing me onto the bed. I giggled, thinking about what I could do to relax my strong, stoic German.

I you do that i want my chocolate BACK BITCH PLS Icon #3 - Dance Dean, dance! (Harlem Shake) Paris Bitch Slap Icon #1 - Surprise Bitch! (AHS) Icon Sign Part 3 
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