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December 17, 2012
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        I opened my eyes blearily as my alarm started beeping loudly. I reached over and pressed the dismiss button. The sun was peeking over the tree tops and shining right in my face through the window. I groaned, closing my eyes and turning onto my side. It’s Saturday, I thought dejectedly. I sighed and sat up, trying to rub sleep out of my eyes and straightening my tank top. I looked over at my boyfriend and couldn’t help but laugh. His hair was a total mess, even worse than usual, and he was drooling slightly. Playing Super Mario Brothers last night must have worn him out.
        This is gonna be fun, I thought as I traced a solitary finger down his bare back. I carefully slid out of bed and snuck over to his side. I crouched down, grinning to myself, and pounced!
        “Wake up sunshine!” I yelled as I landed perpendicularly across him. Now, one thing about Arthur. He’s most definitely not a morning person, so being woken up so early and in such a fashion kinda pisses him off. But it doesn’t bother me, it just makes me laugh, and he knows it. He sat up quickly, startled for a moment, before realizing who it was and flopping back into his pillows.
        “It’s too early, love,” he grumbled. I giggled and crawled up to his face.
        “Arthur,” I sang softly. He mumbled something and buried his face into his pillows. “It’s Saturday, and you know what that means.” I saw him sigh heavily and turn onto his back. He cracked one grass green eye to look at me. I grinned sarcastically, showing as many teeth as possible.
        “Can’t it wait one more day?” he asked, pleading with those bright eyes. I shook my head and lifted myself up to sit in Arthur’s lap. He sat up and I wrapped my legs around his waist and brought my face close to his.
        “Please Artie. For me. We have to get the house clean,” I whispered softly, inching closer. I felt his breath hitch and knew I was going to win.
        “_______,” he said. I closed the small gap between us and kissed him softly. I ran my tongue along his bottom lip and felt him shudder. As he opened his mouth, I pulled away. He moaned in protest.
        “You gotta work before I can pay you,” I told him, smirking and jumping off his lap. He glared at me before throwing the comforter off himself and standing up. I giggled as I pulled on a bra, eyeing his Union Jack boxers. He rolled his eyes and pulled on a pair of sweatpants. I grinned as I pulled my hair back into a messy bun.
        “You owe me,” he muttered. I wrapped my arms around his bare waist and kissed the hollow of his throat.
        “Why of course love,” I breathed against his skin. As he went to wrap his arms around me, I turned and danced out of his grasp. “After the house is clean!” I laughed and made my way out of our room. I heard him mumbled a few British curses and follow me out. I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. I pulled out the carton of eggs and container of butter. “Dear, would you get a frying pan?” I asked sweetly, turning to him, and finding, unfortunately, he had put a  shirt on. He nodded and leaned down, opening a low cupboard and grabbing a frying pan.
        “Here love,” he said, holding the frying pan. I grabbed it and set it down on an eye on the stove and turned the flames on. I grabbed a spatula and opened the butter container, scooped butter onto it and dumped it into the pan. It sizzled and bubbled as I moved it around with the spatula. I reached over for the eggs and found Arthur already holding one out. I smiled and cracked four eggs in the pan one after another. As I swirled the yellow liquid around in the pan, a pair of strong, slender arms wrapped around my stomach from behind.
        “Hi there,” I said, grinning and leaning into him. He was always a few degrees cooler than most people, but he said didn’t bother his health or anything, so I went with it. It was actually kind of a blessing because the summers could be so blistering sometimes.
        “Hello love,” he said softly, whispering right in my ear. I smiled as he started placing gentle, feather like kisses along my ear and neck. The eggs started to harden and solidify as I continued to move them around.
        “Do… do you want any bacon?” I asked, trying not to shiver as he ran a finger along the waistline of my shorts. I felt him shake his head slowly.
        “I’m good,” he murmured. I giggled as his breath tickled my neck. I turned off the eye and set the spatula down.
        “Get some plates,” I told him, trying to shove him backwards with my hips. His arms simply tightened around my middle and he hummed into my hair. I rolled my eyes and turned my torso around. I was surprised as a pair of soft, cool lips met my own. My eyes widened for a moment before I leaned in to deepen the kiss. As I went to wrap my arms around his neck, he pulled away and walked over to a cabinet.
        “Once the house is clean love,” he said, throwing my own words back at me. I glared at him as he set two plates down on the dryer next to me.
        “Yea yea, I hear ya,” I told him as I swapped the eggs to the plates. “Git,” I mumbled as I set the pan into the sink and grabbed two forks out of the dish drainer. He kissed my cheek as I handed him his fork.
        “I love you,” he said. I rolled my eyes but couldn’t help but smile.
        “I love you too,” I replied, digging into my breakfast.

        We finished breakfast quickly and downed a glass of orange juice each. I gave Arthur the job of washing the pile of dishes next to the sink while I went and got the supplies to clean the bathroom. As I was scrubbing down the sink, Arthur had other problems.
        “Artie!” Arthur groaned as he looked out the window. He saw a bright red pick-up parked in the driveway. Alfred. His younger brother didn’t even bother knocking, he just walked right in.
        “Alfred, what are you doing here?” Arthur asked as he finished washing the last of the dishes. His brother walked in, wearing his signature WWII bomber jacket, his square glasses, and a mischievous gleam in his too bright blue eyes.
        “I just thought I’d drop by and say hello,” he replied, grinning and looking around the house. “What are you guys doin’ anyway?” he asked.
        “Cleanin’!” I yelled from the bathroom. I didn’t have a clue who it was that Artie was talking to, I only knew that someone was here. I looked over my shoulder into the living room. I dropped the bottle of Clorox spray in my hands and ran at my hopefully soon to be brother-in-law. “Al!!” I yelled happily and jumped at him.
        “_______!!” he yelled in reply. He caught me around the waist and easily spun me around in a circle. I laughed and clung to his neck. I love Arthur with all my heart and I would do absolutely anything for him. He’s what keeps going and helped me become who I am, but Alfred!! Alfred’s awesome!! I hadn’t even known that Arthur had a brother, much less five until about two years ago.
        He’d finally invited me to Thanksgiving a few years back, apologizing in advance for any mental or emotional scarring. His three older brothers looked a lot alike, all with messy, reddish orange hair. They definitely like to tease Arthur, especially once I got there. Allistor and Seamus were the ones that Arthur told me especially liked to pick on him all the time when they were younger, though Dylan would jump him every now and then.
       I met Alfred just a little later and found out that he was actually Arthur’s half-brother. His father and Arthur’s mother had married when the boys were still little kids and Alfred had enjoyed rough housing with his older brothers. Alfred also had a biological twin brother, Matthew Williams, but he liked to keep to himself most of the time. He tended to almost blend in with the background sometimes, so he was very good at hiding and sneaking off when he wanted to. Matthew didn’t really want to come to this Thanksgiving, knowing that Arthur’s brothers would be there, but he sent a message saying he would definitely have to meet me soon.
        We all had fun talking and getting to know one another. We somehow brought up the subject of Artie and they told me old stories when they’d all been teenagers. He’d tried to go and hide in a corner, but I sat on him to keep him with the group.
        We all eventually ended up drinking, except for Dylan, he wasn’t a very big fan of drinking, and Arthur. Allistor, Seamus, Alfred and I don’t remember anything past eleven-thirty that night, and told Arthur and Dylan we didn’t want to. I don’t know what kind of alcohol they had brought from Ireland and Scotland, but I wasn’t ever drinking it again. It was an interesting Thanksgiving, let’s just leave it at that.
        Anyway, once I realized that Al and Arthur were relatively close, me and Alfred started handing out, swapping really embarrassing stories about Artie. Alfred was practically the big brother I’d never had. He was the one I could do stupid stuff with and get away with it, even if Arthur caught us later.
        “How’ve you been?” I asked as he finally set me back down. He grinned and shrugged out of his huge leather jacket, tossing it on the couch.
        “Not too bad. Been traveling a lot and it’s so amazing!!” he told me and Arthur. I thought he was about to go off on a ‘Dude! America is so awesome!’ rant, Al’s very, very patriotic, but apparently he changed his mind. “So, how’s Iggy been treating you?” he asked, smirking at the blush forming on his brother’s face and pulling out a McDonald’s hamburger from who knows where.
        “Like a lady should be treated, and I’ve told you not to call me that you prat,” Arthur cut me off. Alfred simply grinned in response.
        That’s another thing I liked about Arthur’s younger brother. He was able to shrug off almost anything anybody said to him unless it was about it his weight, because he ate so many hamburgers but honestly, Alfred was really fit and really, really good looking. I would never tell Arthur that, or if somebody was smack talking about Arthur. Other than that, however, everything else just rolled off his shoulders. Alfred was laid back and chill when he wanted to be, but if it came time to kick butt, Alfred didn’t mess around. I rolled my eyes at the two and nudged Arthur in the side.
        “I’ve got the finish cleaning, try not to beat each other up too bad, alright?” I told him. He looked down at me and nodded.
        “Yes, alright love,” he said, leaning down and kissing me quickly. Alfred wolf-whistled, making his brother jump away from me and blush a bright crimson. “You bloody git!” Even after all these years, Arthur was still so shy about kissing me in public, even if it was just his brother. Oh well.  I laughed and walked back to the bathroom to finish cleaning.
        “Hey Al!” I called hurriedly before I walked into the small bathroom. He looked away from his screaming sibling towards me.
        “Yea!” he replied, his bright eyes shining with curiosity. That was something else, he was so innocent sometimes.
        “If you wanna help out you can vacuum while Arthur dusts.” I turned to look at them. Alfred mulled it over while Arthur stared at me, dumbstruck that I could give such an invitation. “Sure, why not! Where the vacuum?” he asked excitedly. I grinned and pointed down the hall to a door.
        “In that closet there,” I laughed as Arthur walked towards me, watching his brother the entire time.
        “Love, are you sure you want that buffoon vacuuming our house?” he asked almost nervously. I giggled and watched Alfred clumsily pull the vacuum out and plug it up.
        “He may be a little bit of a klutz, but he means well and we never get to see Al that often,” I pressed, trying to persuade Arthur to let Alfred stay for a little while. “And besides, the sooner we get the cleaning done,” I whispered, leaning forward on my toes, “me and you can get to the subject of payment.” I brushed my fingers over his abdomen under his shirt. He gulped visibly and sighed in defeat. I knew him inside and out.
        “Yes, alright, but he leaves as soon as it’s clean,” he muttered, eyeing me almost lustfully. I rolled my eyes for the umpteenth time that day.
        “Go on, get dusting,” I said, shoving him out of the bathroom. I grabbed the Clorox bottle and set to work on the bathtub, bending over the edge and spraying it down.
        “Hey _______!” Alfred called over the noise the vacuum was making. I looked over my shoulder, pausing in my wipe down of the tub.
        “What?” I yelled. Alfred smirked before eyeing what I think was Arthur.
        “Does Arthur like you in that position?” he asked loudly. I quirked and eyebrow before realizing I was bent over with my rear in the air. I blushed a light pink and Alfred guffawed at the look on my face. He was able to embarrass me as well, but I just picked on Al right back. Arthur didn’t like to be picked on and I tried to keep Alfred at bay, but I have to admit, it was fun to see Arthur get steamed every once in a while.
        It was probably a good thing Arthur couldn’t see me, but I heard his hurried footfalls so I sat back on my heels. The Brit came into view with a half questioning , half accusing look on his face.
        “Go on Artie, Al’s just teasin’,” I told him, trying not to giggle as I glared at his younger brother. The blonde scowled at the two of us before stomping off.
        “Leave him alone!” I said just loud enough for Alfred to hear. He snickered but nodded his head. I turned back, shaking my head, to try to finish cleaning the bathroom.

        We finally managed to get the whole house clean and right at lunch time. I made sandwiches and we ate together and talked while the last load of laundry was in the washer. After lunch, Alfred said he had to go and meet some of his friends.
        “We hugged and waved him off as he backed out of the driveway. I heard the buzzer go off on the washer and turned away from the door. I moved all the wet clothes into the dryer, shut the door, and started the dry cycle. I started to make my way back to our room when an idea struck me. I sat down at the table, slumping in the chair.
        “Artie,” I called softly. He walked out of our room and hurried over to me, eyes wide.
        “_______, are you alright?” he asked worriedly as he knelt down in front of me. I nodded, reaching my hand out to stroke his cheek.
        “Mhm, I’m fine, just really tired. Would you carry me to the bedroom?” I asked. I looked at him, my _______ eyes pleading. His own emerald eyes shined as he smiled and stood up.
        “Of course love,” he said and wrapped his arms around my back and knees. As he made his way to our room, I grinned into his chest. Feigning sleepiness, I snuggled into his hold and he chuckled lightly.
        “What?” I asked against his shoulder. He gently laid me on our bed and pulled back to look at me.
        “I guess that payment will have to wait,” he grinned down at me. I giggled softly as he stroked my cheek.
        “Yea,” I murmured, reaching up and covering his hand with my own. I ran my fingers up his arm, gently holding his elbow. I grinned at him suddenly and gripped his arm as tight as I could. I used all my strength to yank him down on top of me and then used the momentum to roll and land on him, straddling his waist. “Or not.” I laughed at the surprised look on his face.
        “Why, you little-” I cut him off, leaning down and kissing him. He chuckled against my mouth and leaned back for air. “I never knew you could be so sneaky,” he said, his pale face flushed. I smirked and ran a hand slowly underneath his shirt.
        “Matthew’s been giving me some tips.” I leaned down, kissing along his throat and jaw. He shivered slightly and ran his hands up my legs, letting them rest on my hips. I yelped as he quickly threw himself to the side, making me lose my balance and fall onto my back. He took advantage and sat on top of me, straddling my stomach. I giggled as he leaned forward, tracing his fingers all along my face and throat. He breathed out heavily, his warm breath washing over me, and making me sigh.
        “I think I’ll take my payment now,” he whispered seductively. I laughed as he ran his hands down to my waist. He lifted my shirt, but only to my belly button. I looked up at him curiously, only to see an evil smirk on his lips.
        “Arthur?” He immediately began tickling me, moving his fingers all along my sides and stomach. I couldn’t help but laugh. “Arthur!” I yelled through my giggles. “Arthur stop!” I tried pushing him off but he didn’t budge.
        “I want my payment _______,” Arthur teased, still tickling me. I was laughing and giggling so hard I was almost crying.
        “Arthur!” I squealed, wishing he would stop. It tickled so much! He laughed and his fingers ceased their tickling. I gasped for air as he kissed my cheek. “You… are evil!” I said, trying to get my breath back.
        “Just a touch,” he whispered in my ear. I shivered. He pulled back and looked me in the eye. “I love you _______,” he said softly, moving a strand of _______ hair out of my face. I smiled and leaned up to kiss his nose.
        “I love you too Arthur.”
I know this turn into the lemon I know ya'll were so looking forward to at the end!! I'm just so bad at writing them!! *goes and hides in a corner and waits for the tomatoes to stop being thrown* Ok, it safe now. I had this idea while I was acutally cleaning my own house. I could just see Alfred saying that to rile up Arthur XD lol

Ok, if you've never seen the show, it's called Hetalia and the countries are Personified as really hot guys(you need to go look it up., go now!!) and Arthur is the personification of England/Britain. Alfred is his younger brother, America, when he first finds him in the new world, but they break all ties during the revolutionary war. But in my story he's his younger brother :D and Alfred does actually have a twin brother in the show, Matthew, (kudos for anyone who knows which nation he is)

Now, Arthur has three older brothers in the manga, I believe, don't hold me to that, but it only ever mentions them. They're Scotland, Wales, and Ireland and they were always picking on England when he was a child, yes in the show and in the story. I tried looking up there human names and came up with Allistor or 'Scottie' for Scotland, Dylan for Wales, and Críostóir for Ireland (it was heck trying to find it too!!)

I personally liked the story about thanksgiving and think I'm gonna write a seperate story on that :D Ok, I'll stop rambling now! I do hope you enjoy, tell me what you think!!
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